[dʒʌst] 1. adj
decision, person, society sprawiedliwy; reward zasłużony; cause słuszny
2. adv
(exactly) właśnie, dokładnie; (merely) tylko, jedynie

he's just left — właśnie wyszedł

just as I expected — dokładnie tak, jak się spodziewałem

just right — w sam raz

just now — (a moment ago) dopiero co; (at the present time) w tej chwili

we were just going — właśnie wychodziliśmy

I was just about to phone — właśnie miałem zatelefonować or zadzwonić

she's just as clever as you — jest nie mniej inteligentna niż ty

it's just as well (that …) — no i dobrze (, że …)

just as he was leaving — w chwili, gdy wychodził

just before/after — krótko przed +instr /po +loc

just after you called — krótko po tym, jak zadzwoniłeś

just enough — akurat tyle, ile potrzeba

there was just enough petrol — ledwo starczyło benzyny

just here — o tutaj

he just missed — minimalnie chybił

it's just me — to tylko ja

it's just a mistake — to zwykła pomyłka

just listen — posłuchaj tylko

just ask someone the way — po prostu zapytaj kogoś o drogę

not just now — nie w tej chwili

just a minute!, just one moment! — chwileczkę!, momencik!

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I adjective
1) (right and fair: not favouring one more than another: a fair and just decision.) sprawiedliwy
2) (reasonable; based on one's rights: He certainly has a just claim to the money.) słuszny
3) (deserved: He got his just reward when he crashed the stolen car and broke his leg.) zasłużony
- justness II adverb
1) ((often with as) exactly or precisely: This penknife is just what I needed; He was behaving just as if nothing had happened; The house was just as I'd remembered it.) dokładnie
2) ((with as) quite: This dress is just as nice as that one.) całkiem tak
3) (very lately or recently: He has just gone out of the house.) dopiero co
4) (on the point of; in the process of: She is just coming through the door.) właśnie
5) (at the particular moment: The telephone rang just as I was leaving.) akurat
6) ((often with only) barely: We have only just enough milk to last till Friday; I just managed to escape; You came just in time.) ledwo
7) (only; merely: They waited for six hours just to get a glimpse of the Queen; `Where are you going?' `Just to the post office'; Could you wait just a minute?) tylko
8) (used for emphasis, eg with commands: Just look at that mess!; That just isn't true!; I just don't know what to do.) po prostu
9) (absolutely: The weather is just marvellous.) po prostu
- just now
- just then

English-Polish dictionary. 2013.


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